2021-in press

(* = student author)

in press

  • Ahn, S., & Chang, C. B. (in press). Emotion word development in bilingual children living in majority and minority contexts. Applied Linguistics. [abstract | pdf | materials | data & supplementary material]
  • Chang, C. B., & Yao, Y. (in press). An individual-differences perspective on variation in heritage Mandarin speakers. In R. Rao (Ed.), The Phonetics and Phonology of Heritage Languages. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. [abstract | pdf | materials | data | visualizations & code]


  • Tang, K., Chang, C. B., *Green, S., *Bao, K. X., *Hindley, M., *Kim, Y. S., & Nevins, A. (2022). Intoxication and pitch control in tonal and non-tonal language speakers. JASA Express Letters, 2(6), 065202. [abstract | pdf | materials | data]


  • *Lopiccolo, D., & Chang, C. B. (2021). Cultural factors weaken but do not reverse left-to-right spatial biases in numerosity processing: Data from Arabic and English monoliterates and Arabic-English biliterates. PLoS ONE, 16(12), e0261146. [abstract | pdf | materials | data & supplementary analyses]
  • Chang, C. B. (2021). Phonetics and phonology of heritage languages. In S. Montrul & M. Polinsky (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Heritage Languages and Linguistics (pp. 581-612). Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. [abstract | pdf]

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Boston University