Courses taught: general linguistics, phonetics, phonology, morphology, quantitative methods, language acquisition, development, and loss.

I enjoy teaching very much and consider it integral to scholarship.

I’ve taught subjects ranging from inorganic chemistry to Spanish grammar to students from a wide variety of backgrounds and, as an undergraduate, was a volunteer teacher of children, teens, and immigrant adults in several neighborhoods of Cambridge and Greater Boston.

After college, I went abroad to teach for a year with Fulbright, during which time I used a wide variety of lesson plans and materials to teach conversational English to Korean high schoolers.

During my Ph.D., I was a teaching assistant for courses in general linguistics, phonetics, phonology, and morphology, and taught my first linguistics course as the instructor of record shortly thereafter.

Lists of specific courses I’ve taught can be found using the drop-down menu.

Associate Professor of Linguistics, Boston University